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MCSM Services

Marketing Consultancy services

MCSM Marketing Consultancy provides four basic services to  assist companies who either are exporting or have an interest  in becoming more international. These services address key  aspects of the preparation and implementation of an export  strategy. Assisting companies with developing export business plans  quite often will also involve market research since the  development of a proper export business plans does require  accurate and up-to-date market information. All other  services can be hired either as a unique service  independently or in combination with each other.
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Sales Management services

Business Plans and Strategic Marketing are essential  requirements for a successful expansion; however, eventually  everything boils down to sales. Once the homework has been  done and the strategy and business plan are clear it needs to  be implemented and monitored. MCSM  offers a set of Sales  Management services that benefit our clients in various ways.  MCSM Services is not an Agent or Manufacturer’s  Representative and does not desire to act as one. Although  many of our assignments also require MCSM Services to  undertake sales activities on behalf of our clients it needs to  be noted that these activities always are to be part of a  project with a larger scope.
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The objective of our training service is to (further) develop  the skills of your staff allowing them to be more effective  when working on your international expansion.  MCSM Services offers the following training options: Workshop Agent/Distributor search. Workshop Distributor Management. Value Proposition Analysis and Program Development.  Master course “Doing business in The USA”. Seminars on various issues relating to international  marketing and sales. 
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Virtual Presence

Sometimes the desired international growth path requires a  local presence in Europe other than through distributors or  agents. This local presence is part of an important process  called localization. Localization is the process of adapting  products, organization and services to the local standards. To  be successful quite often also distributors and agents require  a local presence. Next to increasing the service level  localization also creates confidence in the long term  commitment of the supplier. However, prior to setting up a  complete local office with the required infrastructure and  staffing a legal entity is required. Setting up a legal entity  has various consequences resulting in overhead cost and tax  issues. MCSM Services offers an intermediate solution to its  clients in which MCSM Services will act as a sales office with,  if required, dedicated staff and infrastructure. 
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In order to support your international expansion MCSM offers several services that are all aimed at providing you with the required knowledge, skills and tools to achieve your international objectives.
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